Monday, August 23, 2010


My Toyworld is getting incubated at NDBI, NID, Ahmedabad.It is a play center / baby sitting n pre school offering next door play comfort to kids. Focusing on three range of toys, NumericToy, which will teach number skills, second AlphaToy, which would help kids learn alphabets. Third which resembles as mini Comp, which will teach phonetic and math skills. More than 1000 assorted toys from available vendors to let the kids play and learn through value delivery mechanism. These would be based on the motor skill development of the child, and would be guided by experts and professionals.
It is My Toyworld's mission to make the highest quality innovative, compelling, creative, educational, fun and engaging toys. The more children that learn basic functions from our toys, the more successful we are.
Looking forward to support My Toyworld endeavor