Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beautiful Rememberace of a Beloved (lovely mail)

It is Lovely.
Beauty is combination of imperfections. In fact, in Hollywood, they tried to combine the best features of Heroines - nose, lips, cheeks, chin, eyes, ears, neck etc and drew a figure with the help of a computer. What they developed was a woman who was no where near Mona Lisa but very grotesque and repulsive.
Beauty therefore is not in being perfect - it is the imperfections that make one look beautiful or handsome or whatever.  A perfect wife or husband would be the most boring thing on this planet.
Things such as snoring or.... at night are indeed annoying - (I snore and I can understand my wife's patience......, she has not complained!).
But look at the way this lady got used to that so much that she now misses it when her husband is no more. More importantly, she sent across a message as to how much she misses those imperfections in her husband. That is indeed LOVE and gives a different meaning to life. Click and watch the link beow:

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