Friday, July 24, 2009

Nice Monsoon Pictures...

· Gokak falls ( about one hour drive from kolhapur)
The Gokak falls can be accessed from Gokak (8 Kms) which is an hour journey from Belgaum.
Walking on the Hanging Bridge and listening the gushing sound of the waterfall are the wonders of the Visit.
There's a century old Gokak Mill over the just close by the falls, built in 1887 in British Raj, which is functional to this date. Check out the pics below.
There's also a Hanging Bridge that runs across the fall, which was also built in 1887, runs strong, but the visitors are advised not to take it.
The Bridge is reserved for Mill employees only, but normal visitors out there don't care for the notice and take a trip on the bridge on their own risk.
There's also a small temple of Lord Shiva on the banks of the falls.
There is an old electricity generation station which used to generate electricity during 1880s (The first hydro-electric power plant in INDIA). A ropeway connects the power station to the cliff top.
· Dudh Sagar
The falls name is Dudh Sagar. It's exactly on the border between Goa and Karnataka .About 70 KMS from BELGAUM.
· Amboli
The pictures are from Amboli, 60 KMS from Belgaum town, located in the rows of Sahyadri hills.....
· Belgaum Fort Lake
And the last.. Belgaum Fort Lake, Called as KOTEKERE....
Beautiful Boating spot.....




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